Mente sana in corpore sano

El sabio refranero popular tiene para todo. En este caso, el título de este capítulo me lo intento aplicar día a día porque, créanme, cuando uno está perdido en un lugar tan animado como éste, es muy necesario reactivar todas las aficiones posibles para mantener la cabeza ocupada.Este 'españolito' es...

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Erfurt y… ¡que viva México!

¡Que viva, ándele, y por muchos años... aunque a este 'españolito' no le guste nada el tequila!Ya conocen ustedes, mis queridos lectores surrealistas, porque así se ha encargado este indiscreto blog de explicárselo, de la efervescencia social existente en mi comuna vecinal. Actualizo información: Mis queridos 'Königen von Oben', con...

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Party Nº5

One, two three, four, five, everybody in the car, so come on let's ride... A esto pónganle música (que no sea de rap) y bailen.... y si no les viene ninguna melodía a la cabeza, no se preocupen, les ayudo un poco más... Mambo number five!!Pues sí, mi cabeza, en...

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Como en mi última entrada se me quemaron los pimientos de padrón y ante mi, me imagino que inevitable aumento de credibilidad gastronómico-culinaria, he decido dedicar una entrada de éste mi blog, al arte de la cocina en Alemania (del Este), como si uno la conociera de verdad.De antemano ya...

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Dzień dobry (buenos días en polaco),Ni me han robado el coche, ni me han asaltado en las gasolineras!, y eso que he tenido que parar unas cuantas veces para que mi tractor bebiera su líquido hidrocarburado favorito. Los no muy sabios (prefiero el refranero popular español) y estereotipados consejos recibidos por parte...

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Passionate Blogger

Hello my dearest surreal reader.

First of all, thank YOU for being there right now reading these lines. Without knowing each other —or maybe we do know each other— here we are at this moment of time sharing a piece of our respective lives.

Our sub-conscience —although I tend to believe that our conscience rules everything— found a reason for me to write these lines and for you to read them. Honestly speaking, I would love to understand that reason, yours and mine, but I will of course respect it if you don’t want to share it: fun, curiosity, help, laughs, sadness, solidarity, just-passing-by moment... Whatever the reason is, you are most welcome.

And now that we know why we are here —do we?— let us focus on the fact that our paths just crossed, at least emotionally, and let us enjoy this time together. Our paths will continue crossing as long as you, my dearest surreal reader, and me want to. From my side, I can tell you already that, after a quite intense roller-coaster period of time, I am determined to keep writing these lines only Lola knows for how long….

You might be asking yourselves what my reason is for having and sharing this surreal blog. I can’t answer that question today —not sure if I know the answer— but I am sure that one day I will find out and then, of course, I will share it with you. Until then, there is only one way: always forward and with a smile.

To make it short, I am just a little spaniard lost in the world, who one day —already eight years ago— left his country following a dream. That dream took me first to a small village in the middle of nowhere, or more exactly in the middle of East Germany, where I had a fascinating and absolutely recommendable experience. The years went by and my dream pushed me again, not without overcoming a few -> some -> many giving-up moments, to one of the coolest cities in the middle of Germany.

And there I am right now, with an absolute mismatch between dream and let-us-go-back-to-Spain feeling, writing down these lines for you guys, my dearest surreal readers, and I guess also for myself: What was my dream?

Anyway, happy to be back and happy to feel you there on the other side of the screen.

So, this is me: “Espaniolito perdido in the world”.

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